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If you are interested in private guitar instruction, please fill out the form on the contact page.

I will contact you for a consultation and design an individualized program of study that

will help you achieve your goals. 


Lessons via Skype and Facetime are offered for intermediate to advanced students outside

of the Nashville area.

Music instruction for the singer/songwriter is also available.


"I learned more in one month with Mike than I did with all of my other instructors combined."


- Chris Henderson

3 Doors Down

"Mike Valeras is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I was very fortunate to do my graduate work with him. He has a wealth of information and a clear, well articulated way of explaining concepts."


- JJ Murphy

Professional Guitarist / Solo Artist

"Learning, listening and playing music should first and foremost be enjoyable, on all levels. Michael Valeras never loses sight of that in his guitar instruction. He creates a positive, calm and encouraging atmosphere, and never wants his students to settle for anything less than their potential."


- John Cardoni

Belmont Guitar Faculty

Professional Guitarist

"Studying with Mike has [enabled] me to further my skills by huge proportions. He has given me knowledge about this instrument that is much farther and deeper than I knew was possible when I first started taking [lessons] from him. I'm very very greatful for his teachings."


- Nathan Gott

Guitarist / Songwriter

"Mike is an extremely personal teacher who can relate to players in any stage of growth and development. He works along-side each student's natural tendencies and strengths to help them progress while maintaining the characteristics that make them unique."


- Hank Born

Dynamo / Solo Artist

“Mike Valeras offers a unique approach to guitar. He combines a textbook approach with personal experience offering the most efficient and comfortable style of playing. I’ve felt encouraged to creatively explore my instrument, helping me find my own approach and style as well."


- Eric LaFontsee

Professional Guitarist

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